Playboy Swing – The Best in Reality TV

Playboy TV Swing is on of the most popular TV series as far as reality TV goes. You can watch a sample of it here – It is one of many TV shows by the adults only cable tv channel and satellite tv network called Playboy TV. It is currently under ownership by the Manwin Group. You will find more than 80 different programs in the membership area that you can choose from. Most of the programs in the members area are considered softcore and there is some light adult entertainment action thrown in there also, along with several hardcore adult programs that you can choose from.

Playboy Swing features a cluster of home resident couples who stay at the Swing house and welcome a brand new couple to try the swinging lifestyle. The new couple usually enters the house to see if swinging is right for them but this is done in a controlled environment, so the residents can help them along the way with any questions.

At the start of the show they sit down with Dr Jessica O’Reilly who questions their motive for wanting to come into the Swing house for a night. She then helps them to discuss what a safe word may be so they will feel a lot more comfortable with each other and the residents.

Then the new couple gets to meet the residents and ask some specific questions, before a sexy game is played to help break the ice even more.

All of the couples in the house then go out somewhere or participate in some sexy evening activities before taking the action to the Red Room. This room is a big sexy room with a big bed and it is here where the newbies get their chance for a soft swap or a full swap, depending upon what their intention was.

The next morning they are able to sit down one-on-one with Dr Jessica O’Reilly who talks them through the events of the previous night and helps the couple to reconnect with one another and to ensure that they are ok after trying their first swinging adventure.

Playboy TV Swing is one of the best TV shows that is real and provides education to those who are curious about the lifestyle. You can see more of Playboy TV here at make sure you have a look at