Fencing clubs in Bristol

Fencing is not the kind of sport to indulge in if you are attempting to keep fit, but it’s a shockingly athletic sport that combines speed, stamina and skill.

Here’s a detailed guide to getting started with fencing, and it contains all the info you need to start.

Fencing gives you mental challenge that’s just as important as the physical part of it.

The focus is about out-smarting your opponent, as opposed to brute strength, and this makes it a fantastic sport for not only men but also women.

Another thing with fencing is that it’s relatively cheap to learn, and there are lots of clubs located across the country.

What is Fencing all about?

Fencing is a form of martial art that dates back to 16th century.

It is one of the oldest Olympic sporting events given that it started appearing on the games in 1896.

There are basically three types of weapons that you can choose from and they are sabre, opee and foil.

The rules differ slightly for each weapon.

Where do I start?

To start off with fencing, you need to get into contact with a club and book a course of lessons. With lots of clubs around the country, there is always one near you, look around and Bristol has a thriving fencing scene. And all of them have highly qualified and professional coaches.

Usually, a course starts around 6-8 sessions and while costs do vary from one club to the next.

What do I wear? 

All you need to start out at fencing are trainers and jogging bottoms.

The club you’ve chosen will provide all the other necessary equipment. Put on a light-weight t-shirt since the club will provide you with a fencing jacket and an under-plastron, and you should expect to sweat once you get started. You also need long white socks, a pair of gloves (you need it for your sword hand), breeches, protectors or chest cups, wire mask as well as any weapon you choose.

Once you get started, you can build your equipment collection gradually. You can do this in your own free time. Clubs are often happy to lend you the kit if you opt to fence with them.

Is fencing for me? 

One thing with fencing is that it has something that appeals to just about everyone. Some people tend to be naturally athletic or fast, while others are great tactical thinkers. Good coordination, flexibility and balance are an added advantage.

It’s not easy for people to have all these qualities, which is why the sport is appealing to a wide array of people.

It’s a perfect way to discover new strengths as well as improving on your weaknesses.

Fencing may have a bloody history, but it is regarded a safe sport. If the correct kits are used, it’s not very uncommon to find even minor injuries. However, be ready for occasional bruises.

Wheelchair fencing is a big sporting event in Paralympics. Its advantage is that it can be played by most people, even those with certain disabilities. It appeals to people who may not be in a position to compete in certain sports because of disability, because they can always compete on equal footing with other able-bodied fencers.

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